I need some advice. :(

Help! I don't know what to do!

Case: What will you do if your boyfriend asks you if it is ok with you that his ex-boyfriend be his housemate? I mean, he'll let his ex-boyfriend rent one room in his pad. What will you do? What will be your initial reaction? Will you let this happen? Why?

Note: Both of them are in good terms. It has been 3 years since they broke up. And both of them still keep in touch.

HELP! :(


RoNRoNTuRoN said...

Ekis. Although you trust your bf, i don't think its a good idea. It'll lead to your paranoia and hindi mo dapat isakripisyo yung kapanatagan ng loob mo. Your boyfriend should be sensitive enough to know when you are uncomfortable with it.

JM said...

Hindi rin ako pumayag e. I really felt disrespected nung sinabi nya yung balak nya. At ito pa. Nung sinabi ko yung side ko kasi hindi ko talaga maintindihan kasi of all the people, why "the ex": immature ako. isip bata. makitid utak. kasi ex na nga raw. wala ng malisya sa kanila! pero ang point ko is ex nya yun. mataas yung possibility na may mangyari sa kanila. dibaa? :(

JM said...

you know! temptation! Marami kaya akong tinanong na friend ko. tapos generic yung answers. Wag daw akong pumayag. ayun.

Ers said...

anything can happen,...

i think it's better if they don't have any history but since they had a relationship before, anything can really happen.

but then again, it's still up to you man. but if you're uncomfortable with it or your guts are telling you to stop him, then stop him.

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